From Vulnerability to Resilience of Those Left Behind 2021-07-21T06:51:33+00:00

From Vulnerability to Resilience of Those Left Behind – Empowering Women, Children, and the Elderly in the Mid-Hills and the Terai Regions of Nepal to Cope With Water-Induced Disasters

Program Date: December 2018-November 2021
Program Status: On Going

This project attempts to address the increasing vulnerability of women, children, and the elderly to water-induced disasters. It does so by undertaking applied research on the drivers of WID and develop an understanding of the nature of vulnerabilities of the at-risk population; developing, prioritizing, and implementing pilot interventions through a multi-stage participatory planning approach with local communities; collaborating with sub-national bodies to develop scalable strategies against water-induced disasters, and building the capacity of local communities, government agencies, and local academic institutions to prepare for and respond during any water-related natural calamity.



Publications:Streamflow Alterations, Attributions, and Implications in Extended East Rapti Watershed, Central-Southern Nepal, Exploring Migration and Disaster Nexus: Role of migration in triggering disasters?

Partners: International Water Management Institute and Nepal Water Conservation Foundation

Clients: International Development Research Center