Infrastructure diplomacy in South Asia-Country Focus: Nepal 2023-02-01T04:47:49+00:00

Infrastructure diplomacy in South Asia-Country Focus: Nepal

Program Date: September 2020 – November 2022
Program Status: On-Going

This is an in-depth research on the modalities and motivations of bilateral investments in the infrastructure sector in Nepal. As part of the study, PEI has been engaging in public and policy outreach of the research evidence and knowledge created through the study. Similarly, PEI has been engaging with policymakers, media, and civil society to discuss and formulate informed recommendations for government actions on bilateral assistance for infrastructure development. Additionally, PEI has also partnered with SEJON for Media Fellowship, where 6-8 journalists have been awarded fellowships to produce articles on matters related to infrastructure diplomacy in order to form public opinions.



Publications: Aid, Infrastructure and Diplomacy – A Primer, Issue Brief 6: Infrastructure Diplomacy

Partners: Society of Economic Journalists

Clients: The Asia Foundation