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Saumitra Neupane

Executive Director

Saumitra Neupane is a political economist specializing in policies, institutions, and markets of water and energy resources. For the past decade, he has been engaged in a number of key reforms in Nepal’s electricity sector and contributed to numerous researches on Nepal’s electricity and water resources.

Saumitra currently leads PEI where he is responsible for the overall management and in designing, supervising, and leading projects in thematic areas of the institution. Nepal-India bilateral cooperation on water and electricity, including ongoing research on policy and institutional requirements for Nepal’s participation in cross border electricity trade, and potential trading options. Before joining PEI, Saumitra led a transboundary initiative on water governance that brought together civil society organizations from Nepal and India in establishing a river network to facilitate cooperation on shared common issues.

Saumitra has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Practice from the TERI School of Advanced Studies, India and an MPhil degree in Public Administration from Tribhuwan University. He also lectures part-time on public policy as a faculty of the Center for Development Studies.