Research Officer

Janak is a policy researcher who specializes in public policy and works in areas ranging from politics and governance, to institutions and inclusion. Currently engaged as a Research Officer at PEI, Janak pivots the RENT (Research and Evidence for Nepal’s Transition) Project, where he helps collect, and manage data for different Political Economic Analysis. He is involved in conducting critical assessment and review of the datasets and supports drawing inferences for producing different research products like policy briefs and research reports. 

Pokhrel, determined to find the multiplicity of causation of problems that persist in the Nepalese society, believes that it is with public policies backed by rigorous evidence-based research that the solutions to those problems impeding development can be found, and aspires to be one of the solution-seekers.

Janak holds an undergraduate degree in Development Studies and a graduate degree in Public Policy and Management –both from Kathmandu University.