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Shreeya Rana

Program Manager

Shreeya is PEI’s Program Manager, responsible to manage, coordinate and implement all research and programs. She is responsible to develop, maintain, and periodically update portfolio wide activity schedules for effective communication, monitoring, oversight, and reporting of performance. She is also the bridge between operations team and research team to synchronize program processes. She has been an instrumental part of the research assignments, where she has conducted in-depth interviews, field consultations, and focused group discussions for various research and also oversees the implementation of PEI’s survey assignments. She has been part of research research assignments ranging across PEI’s sectoral engagements on local shares, renewable energy reform, infrastructure development and diplomacy, federalism, and natural resources. 

Shreeya has a Master’s degree in Energy Planning, Policy, and Economics from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Christ University, India.