Research & Communications Officer

Khushi is involved in policy research and communications. She is the Producer at PODS by PEI, PEI’s policy discussion podcast series, where she oversees the creation of episodes from deep research to recording and promotion. Additionally, she is pivotal in managing PEI’s public front through strategic communication solutions.  As the Initiative Coordinator, Khushi also assists Prakritee Initiatives, PEI’s downstream non-profit, in engaging youth and communities in climate conservation by conceptualizing new projects and leading several of them.  

Khushi has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Kathmandu University. She is pursuing a Higher Diploma in Research and Writing accredited by Training Qualifications UK from the Open Institute, Lalitpur.   

Her research interests include sociological analyses of gender, justice, and human rights, focusing on examining power dynamics, symbols, and hegemony. She is driven to bridge the gap between meaningful research and public discourse.