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Current Projects

Research and Evidence for Nepal’s Transition: RENT

About the program: Using a political settlement approach to examine Nepal’s federal transition, this joint undertaking between SoAS and PEI aims to generate evidence and knowledge on federalism and its impact on economic transformation and inclusive development. Though embedded local researchers in Province 2, Lumbini and Karnali, SOAS and PEI are tracking decision making processes at the local, provincial, and the federal government.  The project will also test an evidence-based approach for adaptive programming and portfolio-wide learning with FCDO in Nepal.

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Infrastructure diplomacy in South Asia-Country Focus: Nepal

This is an in-depth research on the modalities and motivations of bilateral investments in the infrastructure sector in Nepal. As part of the study, PEI has been engaging in public and policy outreach of the research evidence and knowledge created through the study. Similarly, PEI has been engaging with policymakers, media, and civil society to discuss and formulate informed recommendations for government actions on bilateral  assistance for infrastructure development.

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Nepal Agricultural Market Development Program (NAMDP) Phase II

PEI is co-facilitating the policy reform implementation under the Nepal Market Development Program (NAMDP) Phase II. NAMDP Phase II will support Federal, Provincial and Local Governments in their efforts to address regulatory bottlenecks related to existing, or not yet existing, policies, standards, rules, and regulations based on hands-on experience and evidence. The project works directly with the private sectors to support agriculture and non-agriculture service provision and agriculture-led growth.  In close collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), NAMDP Phase II aims to contribute to Outcome 3 in policy reform through evidence-based public-private dialogue, advocacy, studies, and technical facilitation with Federal and Provincial Governments

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Completed Projects

From Vulnerability to Resilience of Those Left Behind

This project attempts to address the increasing vulnerability of women, children, and the elderly to water-induced disasters. It does so by undertaking applied research on the drivers of WID and develop an understanding of the nature of vulnerabilities of the at-risk population; developing, prioritizing, and implementing pilot interventions through a multi-stage participatory planning approach with local communities; collaborating with sub-national bodies to develop scalable strategies against water-induced disasters, and building the capacity of local communities, government agencies, and local academic institutions to prepare for and respond during any water-related natural calamity.

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Data Collection Survey for Regional Grid Integration in BBIN

PEI provided consulting services for data collection and other necessary support in Nepal for JICA, under the JICA Project “Information Collection and verification survey on strengthening power connectivity in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal in the South Asian Region”. PEI conducted energy policy reviews, reviewed the laws and regulations regarding power trade between Nepal and India.

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More Completed Projects