Phulchowki from Panauti


Prakritee Initiative is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and resilient future for our planet by addressing critical climate and conservation challenges. Guided by the principles of community empowerment and scientific knowledge, our mission is to act as a catalyst for positive environmental change. Our collective actions today aim to ensure a thriving, liveable planet for generations to come.

At Prakritee, our goal extends beyond combating climate change; we endeavor to nurture a culture of conservation that permeates every aspect of our lives. Our vision is a future where every individual becomes a custodian of nature, creating a more liveable world, one community at a time. We are committed to building robust partnerships with communities, conservationists, and all stakeholders, actively engaging them in dialogue and action for environmental change.

Prakritee is a non-profit arm of Policy Entrepreneurs Inc.


At Prakritee, our initiatives are spread across a number of categories. These are: working with nature; working with communities; working with the future generation; and working with experts and scientists. All of these culminate in how we engage with the general public at large. Below are some of our key initiaves that reflect our engagement approach.

Phulchowki Initiative

Through this initiative, Prakritee aims to directly contribute to the conservation efforts in the forests of Phulchowki, the tallest hill surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. Currently, PEI, in collaboration with St. Xavier’s Godavari School, organizes bi-annual clean up campaigns.

So far the initiative has collected over 150 kilograms of trash from Phulchowki

Climate and Conservation Initiative

Through this initiative, Prakritee works closely with the younger generation, providing them with more information on the issues of conservation and climate change. In order to increase awareness of climate change and conservation, PEI’s team members visit schools to discuss the various topics.