Title: Use of Cash Survey (Arun-III Hydropower Project)

Author: Nirjan Rai 

Year of Publication: 2019

The study examined how Project Affected Families (PAFs) of the Arun-3 hydropower project used their cash compensation, the effectiveness of financial awareness training, and the impact of joint bank accounts. Nearly half the compensation was spent on fixed assets like land and houses, often in nearby towns rather than native areas, while only 5% went to businesses. Despite low training program participation, three-quarters of attendees applied the knowledge, influencing decisions. The majority of PAFs opened bank accounts for the first time, with joint spousal accounts becoming predominant. However, the report cautions that without sustainable income sources to support livelihoods previously based on agriculture, the compensation may not ensure long-term wellbeing, underscoring the need for complementary skill development initiatives.