Title: What drives policy Change in Nepal?

Author: Tiina Pasanen, Barbara Befani, Nirjan Rai, Saumitra Neupane, Harry Jones and Danielle Stein

Year of Publication: 2019

This study takes a unique approach to understanding policy change in Nepal, moving beyond individual case studies to identify systematic patterns across 18 of the country’s most significant policy reforms over the past 30 years. From the end of load-shedding to the community forestry initiative, the analysis explores the specific conditions and combinations of factors that have enabled successful implementation of policy changes, rather than just formal adoption. By adopting this rigorous, cross-cutting lens, the report aims to uncover the underlying drivers of policy change in Nepal, providing valuable insights to policymakers and stakeholders seeking to navigate the complex dynamics of reform. The findings offer a nuanced perspective on the pathways to translating policy into tangible impact, with important implications for the country’s ongoing development trajectory.